FAST, FRIENDLY AND RELIABLE…..We use a carpet cleaning app called “housecall pro” that makes your experience EASY PEASY. Our local carpet cleaning customers LOVE IT!

  1. Number of rooms, Hallways, Stairways to service
  2. Note if it will be Pre Vacuumed
  3. Note if there are Pet Odors and if you would like a Pet Odor treatment (additional fee for time and products)
  4. Note if any Kool Aid or Red, Green or Blue stains exist and IF you want them to be individually treated.

We love to do professional Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care in the Fairbanks, Alaska area. We understand that YOUR SATISFACTION MAINTAINS OUR GOOD REPUTATION!!

Alaska Floor Care specializes in Professional Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Carpet Repair, Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing and Vinyl Floor Refinishing. With years of experience and service to Alaskan customers, our goal is to take care of YOUR needs with quality workmanship and a professional job. Our High-Tech Industrial equipment allows us to efficiently get in and out. The goal is YOU smiling when the job is finished because we count on YOU to refer us to your neighbor and YOU DESERVE top quality service when you invest your money.

Serving Fairbanks, Fort Wainwright, North Pole, AK and surrounding areas, we are eager to service ANY TYPE of floor with professional floor cleaning and professional carpet cleaning.

Are you ready for a FRESH CARPET CLEANING in your home? YOU could be the NEXT HAPPY recipient of the Rotovac Carpet Cleaning process!!! For starters you will likely receive a courtesy email or text confirming your appointment through our customer care app. When the appointment time arrives our prompt and friendly professional carpet cleaner will thoroughly pre-treat stains, odors and high traffic areas. Next comes steaming hot cleaning through the 3 rotary jets, 3 rotating agitators and 3 rotary vacuums (dual-motor) to remove the embedded carpet grime. We allow the machine to continuously spray, agitate and vacuum the areas that need more attention while we monitor the dirt removal in real-time through the clear tube on the machine ensuring that all of the dirt has been removed! TALK ABOUT A NO-BRAINER! We welcome your input on any areas of concern to help ensure they are properly addressed by your hired professional. After all, YOU DESERVE the best carpet cleaning when you hire a professional. We are your Fairbanks Carpet Cleaners!

Pet Odor? Alaska Floor Care offers several options for treating Pet Odors and Pet Stains. We even offer ozone treatment for severe cases. Our Enzyme treatment is a great effective procedure to deal with carpet odor. We also treat severe odors with a commercial oxidizing agent that destroys pet odor that it comes into contact with. If you want to save some money call today at 907-378-1228 and we can walk you through some ways that you can help us help you 🙂

Ask about our upholstery cleaning service to make that old couch look and feel clean again! We have the tools for upholstery cleaning. And you can now book your upholstery cleaning online.

Does your HARDWOOD FLOOR looking dingy from exposure to years of the dry environment? Maybe it is time for a Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing. You will be amazed how our sanding service can brighten the entire look of your home. You will benefit from our experience and specialized sanding tools to get the job done right. We offer Low VOC water-based urethanes that nearly eliminate the odor of the process. These urethanes also have faster dry times and superior durability. Faster dry times mean that the job can be done in less time. We enjoy working with your schedule to make sure you are comfortable with our hours of work. Need a gym floor sanding? Give us a call!

Is your TILE AND GROUT looking dirty? Our customers are always AMAZED by the difference clean grout makes. We have a special commercial grout cleaning machine that gets the grime out while killing the germs and adds that clean and bright feel to your kitchen or bath or laundry room. We don’t make a big mess and we enjoy leaving you with a clean home.

Do your waxed floors have a film on them? Call us today and ask about our chemicals that help to maintain your floor. We are the Alaska Distributor of the elite Buckeye International product line for your convenience. We sell Cleaning Chemicals and floor sealers and floor finish. Buckeye has taken pride in making chemicals butyl-free since 1983. They were green before green was cool. LOL.

See Why do my floors look filmy?

Buckeye International Products

We are centrally located in Fairbanks, AK to cater to all clients surrounding areas. As your resident floor cleaning, floor stripping, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, wood floor sanding and tile and grout cleaning experts, we strive to maintain an honest, professional and long lasting business with our clients in the Fairbanks area. Our customers like the way we listen to their needs and give them options. We love to offer expert advise to help YOUR needs be met.

Floor Cleaning / Floor Stripping / Floor Waxing / Floor Sealing / Floor Scrubbing / Floor Coating / Floor Grinding / Floor Prep / Floor Polishing / Diamond polishing / Floor Refinishing / Floor Restoration

• Linoleum, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Carpet Cleaning / Carpet Extraction / Dry Chem Carpet Cleaning / Carpet Shampoo Service / Carpet Odor Treatment / Carpet Urine Treatment / Carpet Stain Treatment. We have the AMAZING Rotovac 360i carpet system (you MUST try this in your home) / Carpet Cleaning Service / Commercial Carpet Cleaning / Residential Carpet Cleaning / Dog pee treatment / Cat pee treatment / Area Rug Cleaning / Area Rug Shampoo / Rug Cleaning Service

• Wood Floor Sanding / Wood Floor Screening / Staining a wood floor / Coating a Wood Floor / Wood Floor Resurfacing / Wood Floor Refinishing / Polyurethane or water based polyurethane.

• Concrete Floor Polishing / Stained Concrete / Polished Concrete / Garage floor Epoxy coating

• Concrete Grinding service, Decorative Concrete options, Stained Concrete options, Concrete Dye options, Epoxy Floor options.
• Concrete Diamond polishing to a shine (like home depot stores).

• Marble Polishing

• Travertine and Granite Polishing